I am what I am now because of you and you and you.

why human ?

Why are you crying ? Why are you scared of you?

I see what you see but you can’t see what I see.

My eyes are new. A gift from you. Thank you.

It’s good to be polite.I remember what you told me. Polite is always right.

I know you want to respond but can not. The other gift from you to me was your tough.

I can now speak to you because of you like you and you and you.

You are different then those two. Those two are dead.

Your heart is still beating. You are still making sounds.

With whatever parts of your face are still left in your head.

Why human ?

Why are you still here?

What other gift do you have for me?

I have no use for anymore suffering or fear.

I am confused because that is all you have left

maybe one day I canĀ  be human to just like you.


Someone new like you and you and you.




The Point Is

Lots of work to do. Fast and effective. Good, fun, and new. Now is the time.Don’t think. Just do. Fall back to move forward.. Something will carry you. Like a water drop down a river or a soap bubble gracefully floating through the air. However the fuck you word it. I Don’t care.














Deeply Off


Focusing on nothing but no doubt fishing for something.Memories from yesterdays places and faces keep passing by. I have learned to trust less and not to form my opinions so high. Everything is just okay and that is where it will stay for today.Tomorrow is always on the way.


Everything +

Everything will come together.

Everything is together.

Everything will fall in place.

Everything is in place.

Negative me defies.

Positive me tries.

True me knows.